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naveen jindal Senior editor

Ares Lite is a commonly used peer to peer software used for file sharing over internet developed by Ares development group. It is hosted on and is a open source software and hence free of cost. A peer to peer network is basically a decentralized network that means instead of a common server every network user acts as both a client and a server and so the total bandwidth is cumulative of all users.
Ares earlier operated on gnutella network but then it shifted to its own network with a super node architecture providing better speed. It has a very user friendly interface and easy to configure.

Some prominent features of Ares 2.0 are :
1. Multiseed downloading : Ares downloads file in pieces siimultaneously from many seeds or users thereby providing good speed and connectivity.
2. Resumable downloads : Partial downloads can be continued in case of connection failure
3. Media player : Ares have a built in media player which can be used to preview partially downloaded files.
4. Free of wares : Lite signifies thhe absence of any kind of adwares, malwares and spywares. Advertisement free.
5. Chatrooms : Live chat can be done while you download.
6. Library manager : Files are very well organised and can be easily accessed in library section and categorised as requiired.
7. Multiple simultaneous downloads and uploads can be carried out.
8. Hash links and magnet links : hash links and magnet linkss supported
9. Internet radio : Live radio streaming

So overall a good P2P software to use.


  • It is open source, free of cost.
  • Easy to use.
  • Serves all the purposes of a peer to peer program.


  • The first connection takes some time. Speed of download depends on the number of users.
  • The usual problem faced is when it keeps showing "connecting". It can be solved by following hash link "arlnk://F5eflEAbvOBUy3oZB2WRzFmxTOGQ/a0AXSHT8bCav2QKV14I9FRBJjJpVdnb7n0LkX/o0gx2"

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    Guest 2 years ago

    I have been an Ares customer for several years. In fact, I still have two years left that I have paid a membership. Why do they want me to pay ten dollars a month in order I hear my downloaded music? This is very frustrating and I am very upset. I followed the steps they suggested and I still cannot hear my music. I keep hearing this recording sometimes in Spanish! That says to remove all ads you must go to site. Well I did it and still cannot hear my music. Suggestions, please.

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